Keller Enterprises is committed to the integration of sustainable farming, community-based partnerships, and mission-driven investing. We are proudly located in Central Louisiana.

Since 1998, we have sought investment opportunities and partners who share our values and our vision for what is possible and what is necessary. We invest with a focus on the future we desire for our own family and for all families. We believe our collaborative approach strengthens our work, expands our understanding, and produces better outcomes for all.
  • Mission-Driven Investing

    We invest in enterprises with strong leadership, and the potential to profit through clear vision, innovation, and responsible stewardship of resources. We view our investments as partnerships strengthened by the alignment of core values. These values support our engagement as both equity investors and lenders and define how we measure success in our endeavors.
  • Organic

    Inglewood Farm provides Louisiana consumers with local organic vegetables, pecans, and other farm products. Set in the heart of Louisiana, our unique climate allows us to harvest throughout the year, so you and your family always have access to delicious, farm-fresh food.
  • Community Partnerships

    We partner on projects that bring community-based organizations and people together in a common pursuit. All partnership agreements and investment funding are grounded in shared values, a common vision, and result from careful deliberation and due diligence. Unsolicited requests for funding are not considered.

Our Team

In 1998, Caroline “Polly” Keller Winter founded Keller Enterprises with the vision that it could be an enterprise cooperatively, imaginatively, and productively run by subsequent generations of the Keller Family. Today, the company is managed by members of both the 2nd and 3rd generations of the Keller family, alongside many other long-time employees and advisors.

Some of Our Investments